It’s official, “video” is the fastest growing communication devise on the planet!

And if you’re a business owner or manager, you probably know that “online video advertising” is exploding!

Facebook & Instagram “photo ads” are old-hat.

Video ads have proven to be “10 times more powerful” than a static photo ad – “IF” they’re done cleverly!

And “quick & clever” is what we’re all about! (and “cost-effective!”)

At Big Picture Media, we provide the very best of both worlds:

a. Very professional video production.
b. Incredibly good pricing – as we’re able to pass on the benefits of our cost-effective production formula.

At the very least, give us the opportunity to provide you with a free quotation for your next video.

Whether it be a corporate business video, website video or family event, we’re confident you will be pleasantly surprised with our combination of speed, production quality and value for money.

Want To Skyrocket The Impact Of Your Facebook Or Instagram Ads By Using A Powerful “Cut-Through” Video?

Turbocharge Your Facebook Ads With Compelling
“Direct-Response” Video!

Smart businesses are now replacing their “passive” Facebook Photo Ads with “knockout” Video Ads.


Because “video” is a much more dynamic communications medium & results show that people are far more likely to “click” on a video ad than a plain photo ad.

No contest really – let’s face it, a “plain-Jane” photo ad doesn’t stand a chance against a vibrant, in-your-face video ad – well, at least one that’s cleverly produced to a “proven formula”.

And THAT “formula” includes creating “A BIG GRABBER” right upfront in the first few seconds!

We’ve been in the “marketing game” for many years – so we know HOW to capture one’s attention FAST!

Let us produce your next Facebook or Instagram “video ad” – & leave your competitors back in Bedrock with their boring “photo ads”.

Watch These Sample Facebook Video Ads!

Here’s How Your Facebook Ad Video Could Look!

This is a sample Facebook Ad using our “powerful storytelling format” – needless to say, this ad filled resort rooms FAST!

Some More Samples Of Our Powerful “Video Storytelling” – For Websites & Facebook Ads!


Storage Unit Facility


Hire and Buy Goods




Building Supplies


Seniors Hosted Tours


Solar & Electricals




Travel Agency

Cost For Video Production

Website Explainer Video

We can provide a 2 to 3 minute “carousel photo” style video (similar to samples on this page), including editing, script, music and voiceover.

This means that you don’t have to lift a finger – we’re a “one-stop-shop.”

Simply provide us with your “raw info” & we look after the rest!

Normally between
$2,497 & $3,000 + GST

Facebook ad video

We can produce a 60 – 90 second “carousel photo” style Facebook Ad – including editing, script, music & voiceover.

If you have some photos great!

If not, we can source “royalty free images” for you – remember, we’re “storytellers”, so we know what images will best convey “your story!”

Normally $997 + GST

Normally between
$2,497 & $3,000 + GST

Normally $997 + GST



HERE’S HOW WE MAKE Your Facebook Video ad EASY FOR YOU!

You Simply Choose Either A 30 Second Or 60 Second Length

We can produce 30 second & 60 second video ads – so just tell us your preference.

Often you can get your “advertising message” across in just 30 seconds – & sometimes you need 60 seconds.

We cater for both – & can provide you with our recommendation once we know your product or service – & your offer.

You Provide Us With Photographs (Or Video) Of Your Products Or Services

For a 30 sec ad, we recommend at least 10 photos & for a 60 sec ad, we recommend at least 18 photos.

If you’re supplying “video”, please ensure it’s good quality & NOT “shaky-cam!” (we want your ad to look great!)

We’ll use your photos & create a “carousel-type” presentation featuring zooming & panning.

And if you provide “usable video”, we’ll splice that into the imagery at appropriate points.

Script, Voiceover & Music All Included – A “One-Stop-Shop!”

Simply give us details of your product or service – & your “offer”.

We’ll provide you with a simple “online briefing form”, which you complete & send to us.

ie: Description, any unique benefits, what’s the problem being solved, pricing, expiry date or whatever.

We craft your script & upon your approval, you’ll have your “video ad” within 5 working days.

It’s that easy!

And We Can Help With Managing The Placement Of Your Ads Too!

Let us know if you need help in placing your Facebook or Instagram Video Ad – we have an association with a savvy Digital Marketing Agency that can look after placing your ads & managing your Pay Per Click campaign.

In other words, you describe your “target audience” & then sit back & watch everything happen – no need for you to lift a finger!

Remember, the great thing with Facebook or Instagram Video Ads is that you can “laser-target” your audience – geo-demographically!

And you can get regular “reporting” on “click-through-rates” & “cost-per-click” etc.

Providing Video Production Expertise At Incredible Prices

As most believe, hiring a video production company to deliver you a high quality video for yourself or your business can be quite expensive.

Well, here at Big Picture Media we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality videos at an affordable price.

The reason that we can deliver such extraordinary prices is because we are able to pass on the benefits of our cost-effective production formula.

Big Picture Media provides our services to a range of industries industry, whether it be corporate, hospitality or educational, we have the solution for you. Our equipment provides a stable platform for detailed, production quality video. We also offer drone aerial services,
which can be tailored to suit most budgets and styles.

We know how to effectively communicate your message as we have a focus on message to market match, which applies for all industries.

Our experienced and highly qualified team will help you get the results you require. Our clients love the one stop-shop approach, as you do not need to lift a finger as we have a reputation for high quality, reliable and affordable videos for any industry.

Why our clients love our approach to video production:

  • You can relax knowing that your project is in the hands of industry experienced professionals. We will completely manage the video production stages alongside you. We listen to your ideas and objectives and interpret them into a tailor made production that suits the mood and theme of your business.
  • The script is where it all begins. We can transform any message or idea you want to deliver into a dynamic, sharp and to the point video script.
  • If your video needs actors or presenters we arrange any age, gender or style. Adding experienced talent can really liven up your video.
  • We consistently deliver projects on time and to a high standard.

We can do everything for you!
We’re a one stop shop when it comes to video production. No need to lift a finger as we look at the Big Picture when it comes to video production.

Website Videos
  • Introduction or Welcome Video which is typically around 60 to 90 secs and its primary focus is to greet and welcome the visitor to the website and encourage them to stay and browse your site.
  • The Commercial where you get right to the point of convincing your visitor to buy your product or service.
  • The Informational Video that is a ‘soft-sell’ approach that earns the viewers trust and provides them with useful information.
  • Announcement video which advises visitors of upcoming events.

Our professionally-trained video production staff ensure your videos show a good representation of your business, serves as a powerful and effective lead-generation tool and triggers an avalanche of new income for your business.

Corporate & Branding Videos

With a variety of platforms now available to corporate companies, video styles have become more varied. Whether you’re in need of training videos to educate employees, case studies, market reports or testimonials, there is a vast array of options to choose from.

  • Company profile videos
  • Product launch
  • Staff presentations
  • Company policies
  • Internal communications
  • Talk shows
  • Training
Event Videos

You might not realize hiring a video production company for your event is a critical piece of success; not only for the event itself, but also for yourself or your business in the future.

Big Picture Media have the production team to look after a wide range of events to satisfy your needs.

  • Wedding video
  • Birthday parties
  • Concert/Festival Video
  • Seminars
Workplace Health & Safety Videos
  • Training production videos to effectively communicate important messages.
  • Tutorial videos
  • Workplace Health and Safety Induction videos
  • Bullying and Harassment Videos
  • Fire Safety Control

No matter the size of your organization, we can provide you with the right materials to ensure everyone receives the same dynamic and educational content in the same way.

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